Interview Information

Interview Dates (2016 Match for 7/2017 Fellowship Start)
January 14, 2016               Thursday
January 26, 2016               Tuesday
January 28, 2016               Thursday 

February 2, 2016               Tuesday
February 16, 2016             Tuesday
February 18, 2016             Thursday

Pre-Interview Evening Gathering
6:00 p.m. – The evening before each interview day, interviewees are encouraged to attend a casual dinner with current Interventional Radiology Fellows.

This event allows applicants uninterrupted time with fellows in a relaxed atmosphere, and will be an important source of peer information regarding our program.

Location: TBD

The interviews are held at:

Yale New Haven Hospital, 20 York Street, New Haven, CT


7:00AM – Hewitt Conference Room (2nd Floor East Pavilion) Coffee &

7:15AM – Morning Conference

8:00AM - Interviewing begins (includes tour)

12:00PM – Lunch with Fellows
12:45PM - Q&A and Wrap Up

1:00PM - Departure